Office Branding


OTW offers high quality office branding, graphics and signage. The atmosphere of the workplace is a vital component to a high staff morale and an enhanced experience for customers. Office graphics are needed that are both practical and aesthetic, as well as keeping with the company brand. We want to help you create that unique space according to your requirements plus, we can offer advice from our own experience for those who don’t know where to start, or are not sure how to put certain signage to use. 


What we offer:

For those businesses with a front end for customers we can help with the positioning of signage and graphics to make the space more accessible and welcoming to them.

Vinyl wraps can show your messages and give information about the space. With our office branding we aim to reduce confusion in the workplace by making important information prominent and clearly understood.

Consistency is always key and the whole of the project’s visuals should dovetail into a coherent story. So if you are a company with many offices or outlets or even just the one headquarters we can provide this service.

Why choose OTW Imaging for your office branding?

OTW specialises in providing only the highest quality office graphics for a huge range of clients. With a client base including local & national advertising agencies, local government and blue chip companies we offer extensive and broad industry experience in this area.

We’re especially proud of our top-range acrylic graphics and can handle your large format printing needs well with thanks to our wide range of equipment. We care deeply about investing in our own people and building partnerships to be the reliable go-to provider for our clients.

Our recent projects

OTW have partnered and worked with a number of the UK’s largest brands and financial institutes such as Carlsberg, AVIVA, Black Rock, Morgan Stanley, BP, Talk Talk and O2, providing a range of display graphics, interior branding, wall graphics, wallpaper and wall signage.


An office is incomplete without your own custom branding

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