Floor Stickers

Get vinyl floor stickers for your office, event space or shopping centre

We print floor stickers of all sizes and designs.

Bring your space to life with graphics, illustrations, logos, photos, even art or any designs you can think of on floor graphics.

Ideal for offices that need to be brought to life, whether simply to display images and products of the business or to create a particular atmosphere to enhance the work culture.

Also ideal for public spaces such as swimming pools, libraries, clubs, event spaces and more.

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The materials we use

Self-adhesive vinyl or wrap is a product that is fully removable and able to be repositioned with ease. It leaves no residue and no damage to the floors.

It can be used and reused many times over, particularly useful for repeat promotions of your business. It’s also able to withstand any weather conditions and can be used indoors and out making it extremely cost-effective as it will last a long time without losing its quality.

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Why choose OTW Imaging?

OTW specialises in providing the highest quality floor vinyl and self-adhesive vinyl for a huge range of clients. With a client base including local & national advertising agencies, local government and blue-chip companies we offer extensive and broad industry experience in this area.

We’re especially proud of our top-range acrylic graphics and can handle your large format printing needs well thanks to our wide range of equipment. We care deeply about investing in our own people and building partnerships to be the reliable go-to provider for our clients.

With direct to media printing, we can manufacture vinyl wraps with extremely fast turnaround times and deploy our dedicated installation teams up and down the UK.  Di Bond prints are produced to the highest quality with an anti-graffiti laminate to ensure durability and the extended life of the panels.

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