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Get a complete service from design, print and install. Prints of any size are provided and we can provide for complete construction sites whether property, retail or other commercial uses.

Previously having worked for large and small companies as well as council and government organisations, we have experience in offering a premium service at an affordable price point to stay within budget.

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What are Hoardings?

Hoardings are large boards along the perimeter of events as well as construction sites, they can also be the large billboards you see on the sides of roads. They are graphics that catch the attention of event-goers and curious bystanders alike.

Serving a double purpose of advertising and safety makes them an especially cost-effective type of outdoor advertising. They are large and prominent, lending themselves to a good exposure for your brand. In the UK and elsewhere you’ll be hard pressed to find an event without hoardings, specifically major sporting events, festivals and other large events.

Building sites use them as they help to protect site boundaries and enhance security. As well as being the excellent advertising and informational tool they are. Their use in building sites keeps the environment as aesthetic as possible while keeping unauthorised personnel off the site. Used especially in new or larger scale projects, including residential and retail spaces. They make a dull looking building site more attractive while also advertising your brand.

They can be used to warn people of what is ahead or build anticipation for the new project. The health and safety function of preventing unauthorised access is also a legal requirement for construction projects.


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Hoardings UK

Our promise for your hoardings:

  • We will take you through the process from your idea to the finished product and the further care and maintenance beyond that
  • We are specialists in hoardings for the construction industry, meeting all legal requirements for size, wording and health and safety
  • As always, a bespoke service tailored to your needs along with advice we can provide from our extensive experience in this service. We can also advise on the design if you’re not sure how you want your project to look
  • We use sturdy materials, built to withstand random changes in conditions and to last several years if needed as well as being made with anti-graffiti properties

Why choose OTW Imaging?

OTW specialises in providing only the highest quality hoardings for a huge range of clients. With a client base including local & national advertising agencies, local government and blue-chip companies we offer extensive and broad industry experience in this area.

We’re especially proud of our top-range acrylic graphics and can handle your large format printing needs well with thanks to our wide range of equipment. We care deeply about investing in our own people and building partnerships to be the reliable go-to provider for our clients.

With direct to media printing we can manufacture hoardings with extremely fast turnaround times and deploy our dedicated installation teams up and down the UK.  Di Bond prints are produced to the highest quality with an anti-graffiti laminate to ensure durability and extended life of the panels.

Give OTW a call now. We’d love to discuss the hoardings for your next site, however big or complex.

Retail construction hoardings Lakeside

Hoardings serve a unique double purpose you should take advantage of

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