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Bespoke shop signage for small to large scale businesses

At OTW we work with leading retail brands across the world, installing retail graphics in every kind of store from the large scale flagship stores to smaller independent shops. As a bespoke service we prioritise the wishes and vision of our clients yet with our expertise we advise on the best materials for every project and take you step by step through the procedure. Beginning with the best materials, through to installation and post-installation care.

Despite the rise in popularity of online stores, retail can’t be neglected, and presentation is key, customers are compelled into stores by eye-catching and welcoming interiors. These are vital to getting customers away from their phones and computers and into your store. The most successful shops create an environment people remember and feel comfortable in. This is a key aspect of closing sales.


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Shop signage covers some of the following:

  • Window Displays
  • Point of Sales systems
  • TFS (Tension Fabric Systems)
  • Floor graphics
  • Window graphics and exterior graphics and signage
  • Free-standing display units
  • Retail signage and banners
  • Vinyl wall graphics
  • Expolinc systems

Attention-grabbing window displays are the first goal. Wording should be clear and uncluttered, with quality high to withstand weather changes in an outdoor store. These graphics are generally vital as to whether your customers even walk into your store. 

Being successful with shop signage, intrigue and surprise is important to attract customers and they should align with the store’s purpose. They must also be practical and not confusing, guiding customers to what they want to see, wherever they are in the store.

Our shop signage services

Constant upkeep is necessary in retail, with the constant scrapes from people and trolleys you’ll want to keep the space professional and attended to. As well as the occasional desire to redesign the environment for a new look or to incorporate special offers or seasonal themes.

Some shop signage services we offer:

  • Product signage, which advertises the products in the store, especially those on offer or part of a special promotion
  • Backlit graphics are always an attention grabber – they are more affordable as technology has become more widely available, and you shouldn’t miss out on them
  • Lightboxes – An essential part of most modern retail stores, taking up minimal space and are environmentally friendly while strengthening your visual impact
  • Point-of-sale signage to attract attention to checkouts, which also allows for special offers and promotions

Why choose OTW Imaging?

OTW specialises in providing only the highest quality retail graphics for a huge range of clients. With a client base including local & national advertising agencies, high and low end retail outlets and blue chip companies, we offer extensive and broad industry experience in this area.

We’re especially proud of our top-range acrylic graphics and can handle your large format printing needs well with thanks to our wide range of equipment. We care deeply about investing in our own people and building partnerships to be the reliable go-to provider for our clients.

At OTW we are used to the very fast-paced turn around of retail graphics, offering point of sale, window graphics, window clings, self-adhesive vinyl, floor graphics, short run point of sale, large format display, fabric display units, lightbox and signage.  We work with the likes of French Connection, BP, Wild Bean, Volvo, Intu and Lakeside. Whether you have 1 or 2000 stores we’d be happy to partner with you.

Give OTW a call now. We’d love to discuss retail graphics for your store, however big or complex.

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