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Vehicle wraps for your cars, vans or the whole fleet

Vehicle Graphics and Liveries across the UK

As a long standing provider of vehicle graphics or liveries. OTW aims to deliver a professional service tailored to your business needs.

Vehicle graphics are designed to display the image, brand and details of your business out on the roads for anyone to see. The vinyl material used is versatile and allows the simplest to most complex designs to be possible, from simple single colour letters to detailed and full colour printed designs. Our bespoke service allows us to meet your exact requirements.

The perfect, cost-effective advertising solution for 24/7 exposure. The materials are always sturdy and high-quality, and we will work closely with you in bringing your vision to life and make you stand out on the streets.


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Vehicle Graphics in UK

Why invest in Vehicle Graphics?

Vehicle graphics are a powerful tool limited only by your marketing creativity.

You could be on a brand awareness campaign, ensuring your product or service never escapes the minds of potential customers. Then gradually pushing them to walk through your door.

Or advertise the very product being delivered if you’re in the vehicle rental business. The public seeing what they’ll be paying for in action in front of them.

The quality of our images make any vehicle pop with colour. The personality of your brand not being lost but portrayed boldly. So you can simply use your vehicle or fleet to sell any product or service you can imagine. Taking advantage of its mobile advertising capabilities.

Whatever vehicles you have, whether cars, vans or lorries we can help. We will put your message out there clearly and lasting to maximise your return on investment.

Why choose OTW Imaging?

OTW specialises in providing only the highest quality vehicle graphics for a huge range of clients. With a client base including local & national advertising agencies, local government and blue chip companies we offer extensive and broad industry experience in this area.

We’re especially proud of our top-range acrylic graphics and can handle your large format printing needs well with thanks to our wide range of equipment. We care deeply about investing in our own people and building partnerships to be the reliable go-to provider for our clients.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off vehicle graphic or a whole fleet of vehicles graphics, OTW have the in-house production and installation services available throughout the UK and have worked with clients such as a Volvo Game of Thrones sponsorship deal with Sky and HBO, The Ministry of Defence and Border Force.

Give OTW a call now. We’d love to discuss the graphics for your next vehicle, however big or complex.

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